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Fusion 360 F360 Users are well supported by the community there and there are tons of videos on youtube, etc. As they are recommended, I’ll add them here. Illustration Software Illustration software is sometimes used to draw shapes used later in CAM software to create toolpaths. CamBam What’s CamBam? Sketchup Sketchup is a 3D CAD program that’s popular with beginners and those with 2D backgrounds find it easy to migrate to. It does not incorporate CAM features. OnShape OnShape is a 3D CAD software package that runs in a browser and has cloud file storage. It’s free for hobbyists. FreeCAD FreeCAD is a free 3D CAD software package that will run on Mac, Windows and Linux. It’s fully extensible with Python programming. You can find it at <a href=""></a>. MakerCam All you MakerCam users out there:
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