4 foot horizontal line arches up in center

I’m using the standard Makerverse software with easel and my 48" horizontal cut is arching up in the center of the cut. My calibration is all good. What could be causing this and how can I fix it? Thanks

That is a calibration problem.

Search the forums here for a topic ‘sources of error’ and you will see all the
different types of things that can cause errors. The calibration routines don’t
take these all into account (and no firmware supports correcting them all even
if you could detect them)

errors in the calibration show up as curves, just like you are seeing, and the
calibration routines try to do measurements and introduce deliberate errors to
counter what they detect as errors.

Some calibration routines are better than others, which one are you using? (what
firmware, etc)

David Lang

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how much does it arch?

As dlang says, it is a source of error. It likely comes from the machine thinking it is in a different location vertically than it really is. I would guess that your beam height measurement may be off a bit. Your calibration can be dead on and that beam height wrong and it won’t be quite right because the chain lengths are off and so the math for the triangle to determine where the sled is will be off. You want to measure from the plane of the motor shafts to where that intersects with the plane of top of the spoil board. I usually tape measure from the back side of the top of the beam to the top of the spoil board and then add the motor shaft height to that. If the beam isn’t quite parallel to the spoil board, that may be part of the issue.

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