Alternate bit suppliers

I am trying to find and alternative source for compression bits. The store is out and I was curious if there were any other sources that are not outrageously priced.

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Amazon has a huge selection, all different price points.

It’s a good idea to mention where you are.
The best places in Bahrain are different than the ones in Mooseville.

In the states the homeless despot is a good source; the other big box stores should also work. Your friendly local hardware store might surprise you, and there’s no shipping delay although (like here) there might be over an hour if driving time


In Charleston SC in the states. Plenty of hardware stores around but I did not think they would have compression bits, I will check.

Compression bits aren’t too good for multiple passes, no compression effect until you cut deep enough to get to the up/down section.

You could go with a roughing cut followed by a full depth finish pass, if your CAM software supports it, to get rid of the chipped areas