Apollo Space Them Challenge - 50th Anniversary of Lunar Landing

I’m a huge fan of our Space Program. Today marks the 50 year anniversary of our lunar landing on the moon. At 20:17 the Eagle set down on the lunar surface after just about running out of fuel. The current Google doodle features the man that got the crew to the moon and picked them up to take them home astronaut Michael Collins.

I have a Rand Mcnally map of the Moon in my office. Anyone else?

The challenge come up with Apollo / Space program projects and make them to celebrate. The community should pick the Winner.



I took a picture of the moon and processed it for a 11 inch 3D cut with a 1/4 ball End Mill. The stock should be .25 inches tall or better, the max cut depth is set to .2 and used the southwest corner on the top of the material for the origin.


file is here: