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Aspire issue with cut

I’m having this issue with my file in Vectric aspire. As you can see in the picture, I have continuous lines but on the curves the cut starts going a different direction so it doesn’t go continuous around the whole piece it’ll cut one section and then go to a different section and then a different section. How do I make this one continuous cut in the same direction?

Is it possible the vector file is actually made up of disconnected line segments?
I could imagine if Vectric Aspire is seeing a lot of line segments instead of shapes it might be cutting along each line instead of around the outside of the shapes you would expect. Only a guess.

It looks like the CAM is trying to keep the router bit moving counterclockwise around any curves and the opposite on any straight runs. I don’t know if that’s an option or a feature.

Once I zoomed in close, I saw the lines were very slightly offset and not connected. Fixed those issues and now it cut perfect.

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