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Bosch POF 1200 AE Height Adjust modifications


I ended up removing my handles all together now. But I think the best solution would be to just cut the handle off the side without the switches and wiring. And rotate the router so that the handle with the switch is facing down and won’t interfere with the ring kit. This way you don’t have to mess with wiring etc. Wish I had have thought if that earlier!


Awesome progress on the guide btw!


That way you can’t connect the dust collection.


Wow, there is always something in the way haha. Thanks for letting me know, I feel a bit better now.

Oh that reminds me, what vacuum setups do you guys run? I’m thinking of getting a 30L wet/dry vac for my maslow.


None yet, can’t seem to find the time :slight_smile:

But i use an ordinary shopvac for all my other power tools, and so far it works great.

If i ever get to build my shop, there will be a semi profesional dust collection. But the kids will have to get a little bigger before they can be let alone long enough for me to actually finish a project :slight_smile:


Sorry if this information exists somewhere, but how many ‘starts’ on the lead screw? The supplier I have found is offering ‘1 start’ which is 2mm per rotation, and ‘4 starts’ which is 8mm per rotation.

I am printing Ned’s files from Thingiverse (latest version). I had to rotate the bracket so that ‘king of kings’ was on the bottom face. We’ll see how that comes out.



Now I have found the ideal part: 200mm long with brass nut. But what pitch? 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, or 14?


This one was linked up higher in this forum. I got it and it works fine. I would get that if you’re in Aus


Great. Thanks. That specific one has four threads, so 8mm per turn, which answers my question.

I’m in NZ. Might find one here, but probably it will come from China.


@Ned I’m sorry to keep this going :wink: but I have an idea.
I think I read somewhere that one should make sure that the coupler is all the way down to the bottom of the 3d printed part so the pushing is performed directly on the part base.
I have had quite a few problems with the setup binding up and thus not giving me the depth I wanted (having a hard time cutting through the boards)

I’ve taken the liberty to modify your design a bit and add a bit of thickness to the bottommost side of the coupler part. Also I’ve added a 26mm cutout so I can fit a 12mm thrust bearing and use that to transfer the load.

I’m printing right now and can give some feedback on how this performs when it’s done.


Alright, printed and mounted now, so far no noise at all while the movement seems to be very smooth. Did a series of test plunges and although I had some strange noises I didn’t see the mount do anything it shouldn’t. The thrust bearing I’m using is for M12, but the size is perfect for the coupler. An M8 would have been to small I think.

It’s actually hard to see the bearing at all but it’s there in the small space between the coupler and the printed part. I was just eyeballing the thicknesses but came pretty close!
The distance inside the printed part is still the same, 38.5mm


very nice! and a great idea for sure!


you can use whatever you want, it will just change the effective gear ratio. As
long as you enter the correct value, the firmware will do the right thing.


Since the last two printed holders have failed
Ive went back to basics and just used the stock bracket with the Z kit and gave it a 90 deg bend 30mm in , drill two holes to match existing mounting holes for top cover, used longer screws, added a 8mm thrust bearing
Its been hard working for a month with no issues


Interested in seeing how/where they failed?

The nut mount going good though? Any slipping or anything? Is yours just press fit, or did you glue or screw it or something?

Just curious as i havent actually had much use of mine yet…


On both of them, a crack developed between the mounting holes for the motor,
While both of them where push fit
2nd one i fitted the 8mm thrust washer
Lasted twice as long,
The bush for screw has been the original one, and been brilliant


That is actually a great idea, but i like it to be loose. That way, if you lift it up too high, it just pops out.
I had some break as well, but that was because i’m clumsy and i drop everything :slight_smile:
I’d like to find a way to put it next to the router, so it doesn’t stick out as much.


Yes i was.a bit worried screwing it on,
Just need to be extra cautious while raising and lowering large amounts and not pressing the wrong direction by mistake
So will try and make it a push fit again
Incase i make a mistake in moving it beyond its limits


That’s funny because the only problem I’ve bee having was the shaft coupler coming undone. Mid-milling I would hear a loud pop when the router self-adjusted to max positive heightone coupler broke. The next one have been glued and screwed into place. Should not be moving anywhere.

@Ned if you update your design you could maybe add two holes on the side for grub screws (on the shaft coupler)


Yeah i glue and screwed the shaft bush coupler when i first installed it,
I thought that was common practice,
Still running it with no issues