Build, Setup, First cut

Hi all - I built the Maslow 4 this weekend and gave it a trial run. I learned a lot along the way! :slight_smile:

First, the build: the guide was really easy to follow–kudos! I love the use of symmetrical parts (e.g. both halves of the arms and belt ends are identical). I’m sure there is a good (manufacturability or cost) reason for the linear rod supports and uprights being two parts…those were my only nitpicks from assembly.

Second: my frame. I bored into my garage floor and epoxied 316 marine grade stainless threaded rod couplers in place. I chose marine grade because who knows what salt and chemicals my car will drag in. A 316 screw to keep it “closed” and the threads clean (for the same reason), and a shoulder bolt (regular steel since they’ll only be installed when Maslow in use).

Shoulder Bolts:
Diamond Bits:
316 Nut: Bolt Depot - Coupling nuts, Stainless steel 316
315 Screw: Bolt Depot - Machine screws, Phillips pan head, Stainless steel 316, 5/16"-18

Finally, calibration & first cut. Took me a bit to figure out why the calibration button did nothing…I had to fully extend the belts, not just extend them as much as I needed. Had a funny issue where I uploaded a gcode file in inches and it switch the whole interface to inches…I was quite surprised to move the Z axis 1mm and it moved a full inch. The stop button doesn’t seem to stop the manual Z axis movement, which led to me pulling the plug (and a few other instances where I got the blinking red light and had to reboot). I understand why it’s necessary, but it’s time consuming to retract and extend the belts every time the machine power cycles. I’ll get better and learn he quirks and it won’t happen as much over time.

Very exciting! Here it is in use and the result of the first cut.


Congratulations on your first cut. Looks great!

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Welcome on your first cut!

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