CAD CAM Slicing Designer Wanted

CAD CAM Slicing Designer Wanted to collaborate on CNC made Wood Art Projects

Hey, I have a Maslow CNC machine In London set-up and am looking for someone interested in making artworks, sculpture’s in collaboration.

Looking for someone who has the ability to turn my drawings like the monkey table below into a 3D slice model that can then be imported into CAM software to allow us to CNC produce works like the image below

Happy to exchange my machine time to make works for you in exchange for you to create the CAM files i need to turn sketches into the CAM files. Am based in Greenwich SE London.

Also willing to pay someone who has access to any slicer software on any application that can then be used to generate the G-Code.

Not looking for someone to make up each slice manually as that is too time consuming and would mean we can’t commercialise the service.

CAM and slicer software

Please email


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