Change gear/movement ratio

Wondering if its possible to change ratio of motor rotations? I want to try pulleys with cable to replace chains but can I change ratio if i don’t get the pulley diameter exact, or will the calibration process correct for this automatically?
Also wondering about Zaxis as well, same ratio question.

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The very short answer is ‘yes’, to both :grin::+1:t2: A better answer is that there are settings you can change in both instances.

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Nice! Thank you. Just got my unit today. The fun begins!
As a follow up question can/will/does the Zaxis move at the same time as the X,Y for allowing contours…

no, the calibration cannot detect bad pully/sprocket diameters or gear ratios,
at that point it is operating blind (it knows how much the motors moved, but
doesn’t have a way to detect how far anything else actually moved)

you would need to set it to what you think it should be, then move as far as you
can and see if the movement is what you expected it to be (and then adjust the
setting accordingly)

David Lang

for linear movements yes, for arcs (g2/3 commands) not yet.

note that you have to watch what you are cutting, if you cut away too much the
sled falls in the cut