While the first batch of Maslow4 are about to leave the nest, there’s something I wanted to say.

Ive been following this project for a few months now and it absolutely baffles me how such a small team is able to design, build, multiply and deliver a product as complex as Maslow4. I ‘ve watched you working on software, on pcbs, metal bearings and UTP cable quality. You are working with suppliers, negotiating, testing and ordering large quantities of hardware that at some point should all fit together. You are managing shipping, a forum, financial, legal and tax issues while at the same improving the product even before the first one is launched. I have many tools lying around that are far less advanced and of which im sure that it required not three or four staff but four departments packed with technicians, marketeers, testers, developers and of course managers to bring the product to market.
So, either you are just a brilliantly acting marketing front end of much larger company or, and I’m leaning towards this, you are in fact a brilliant team of creative makers.
Congratulations on your product launch!


Thank you. That means a lot to me to read.

We’re just waking up every day and doing our best to do whatever it takes to get it done.

God I would love to be the marketing front for a larger company with teams of people just off camera :joy: It’s just us writing the software and also sweeping the floor at the end of the day.

Let’s not count our chickens until they hatch, but it does feel like we’re getting close.

I feel so lucky to get to do this every day. I get to work on an interesting project that I care about, with cool technical challenges, and an awesome community. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who took a risk to support us and make it possible.

The current pace is also absolutely not sustainable in the long term, but also it feels like we’re in the home stretch (of the beginning)… there’s still enough time for something to go wrong so we’re not letting our guard down until every kit has arrived.



It doesn’t hurt that this is not @Bar’s first rodeo. He’s run two previous successful Kickstarter campaigns (one for a laser cutter(?) and one for the original Maslow). Nevertheless, it is clear that he and his team are a very capable, energetic, persistent, and experienced crew.


I would like to echo this post. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to support you and your team in this effort. While the device itself is going to be great to have this is just one step of a lifelong journey that we have a front row seat to watch and feel we had a very small part in.

Keep showing up and doing your best — and take a day here and there to rest / recreate it will get done!

And by the way if, after shipping, it turns out a new part is needed here or there I for one will be happy to pay for it so you aren’t always “out of pocket!”