Different sizes/contour when routing same file twice

Hi, i routed the same file 2 times. And now the to pieces have different sizes/contours. Could this be caused by wrong calibration and different positions on the workpanel? As you can see it on the pictures, the difference is bigger on top of the piece.Thanks, Axel!18%2C%2012%2048%200518%2C%2012%2048%203918%2C%2012%2049%2004

Hi, could be important. The right piece is the smaller one, but it has the right size as it is in the original file.

I would suspect calibration. With what firmware and GroundControl versions are the cuts done?

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Hi, i uses both in V1.11.

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That should be fine. Have not noticed reports on what you are seeing with 1.11. The deviation is quite large for 2 pieces so close together. Perhaps if you upload the GroundControl.ini we could find a clue.
I would run the calibration again and report back the measurements.
Are you using the ring kit?

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Hi Gero, yes, i also thought that it will be to much dfference between both parts. And yes, i use a ring kit. Here comes the GC.ini. And i will run the callibration once more again. Thanks for helping!groundcontrol.ini (1.4 KB)


What sticks out are:

bedheight = 1490
bedwidth = 2520

Can you confirm that this are the measurements for your plywood sheet?
I would expect something in the range of 2440x1220.

motoroffsety = 555

(top of sheet to hight of motor axis)
also seems a bit high.

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Hi, no, these sizes are correct.

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This sounds like a calibration issue to me for sure. The rotation radius measured as

rotationradius = 165

Is pretty far off from what we would expect (around 138). Is there anything special about the build that might help us figure out why that is? The easiest solution is to just delete you old settings file and start fresh, but I would like to figure out why that number is so off

Hi, i will check the whole measurements and start calibration from the beginning. Do i have to reset GC first or can i directly start calibration modus new and all the old settings will be updated automatically. One other issue could be the weight of the sled. Where can i change these settings? My Sled ist probably not so heavey as the default sled.

Each step in the calibration process will overwrite your old settings, but it couldn’t hurt to start fresh.

The weight of the sled is factored in automatically in the last step where you cut a test pattern and it is measured so you don’t need to enter a value manually. That value is actually recorded as the “chain sag correction value” because what we really care about is how much the weight changes the way the chains hang, but computing that value by hand would be hard

Hi, here is a picture of my rotationradius. Is it measured right?

I think @bar was thinking you had a stock ring kit, but not the nice custom one you have. But I think you should measure to inside of the ring where the bearing rolls, which looking at your picture interestingly looks to be same as the stock one at 138mm. Can anyone else confirm this is where the radius is measured from?

I believe it needs to be from the end of the chain.


no, it is not. The rotation radius is from the center of the bit to the part of
the chain that is at the 12 o’clock position on the sprocket (the middle of the

So, I callibrated my maslow new, and now the difference is ± 1mm. that seems ok for me. Or do you have better results? Thanks for your help.

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Yes it should be from the bit to the end of the chain which judging from the picture looks to be about 165 so I don’t think that is the issue

Hi, here is a more detailed picture, if you are interested. I tried different kind of rollers, these are working best.