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This is pretty sweet! I copied my profile summary to the description section of my pin. Looks like @Keith is the closest Maslownian to me. Is there anyone else to help represent the Northeast or do I have to do it all myself? :stuck_out_tongue:


I know my progress is slow, but I am trying to get to your level! :wink:


Progress? Slow? Sounds familiar to me :persevere:

And here I thought that I’d eventually catch up to your level :stuck_out_tongue:


My cousin is migrating to the US today, pretty close to you, he got a job in the library of the providence university. He doesn’t have a maslow though :slight_smile:


Your edit is fine with me – People who are active on the forum will find the map, but there are probably a lot of Maslow owners who don’t explore here – Perhaps @bar might want to add a link to the main maslowcnc web page, something like “Is there a Maslow owner near you?” that would take viewers to the map – Not only would current owners be able to meet up, but prospective owners could visit an owner and see one in action – Might help sales too.


Or maybe a note in the biweekly email?


I really like this idea! We get the question “Does anyone with a Maslow live near me?” question in the forums fairly regularly and it would be really nice to just have a map that people can refer to if they would like to see one before buying it. That’s part of the reason I have my youtube channel but I can understand wanting to watch it in person as well.

Maybe we should sticky this thread to keep it at the top of the “No Judgement” or even a new “Maslow Community” topic like was discussed earlier. That way anyone trying to figure out if there’s a machine near them could refer to this thread.


This is fantastic! I will put it in the newsletter next week and put a link up on the website!

It’s fun to think of all of us all around the world. It’s amazing how the internet makes our physical locations not matter as much…now if only we could find a good router for the Australians :wink:


We almost couldnt be further apart @pyrosrock lol


Sometimes I’m amazed by what I can’t do. Can anyone explain how I add myself to the map?

Thank you


I thought that I was the only one who had trouble with figuring it out.

You will see a marker on the top next to the hand. Find your location by panning and zooming and then when you are close enough place the marker next to the hand on your desired location.


@marm Many thanks! That is just what I needed.


waiting for the “how do you dare put information up on the Internet, don’t you realize scammers will find it” post :slight_smile:
or are physical addresses less dangerous to post than e-mail/phone addresses?


Some advice is already here :slight_smile:


That’s why I picked a sort of nearby swamp and not our actual residence. Don’t want to come home and find the Maslow gone


I consider myself pretty savvy with mapping programs and it took me a bit to figure it out


@ntbee I could be in hobart…


Anyone else in Scotland?


Just added myself to the map. Looks like I’m the first Maslow owner in South America :clap:

Technically I don’t own a Maslow yet. Should be arriving in a month or so…


How do I change the pin icon to my avatar?