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🌎 Are we neighbors? Pin the Map! (optional) 🌍


When you hover over your name with the mouse, a ‘paint cup’ should appear. Click that and in the popup, bottom left, there is ‘more icons’, click that and in the next window, bottom left, ‘custom’.


Is there any way to search a user in a fashion that would allow you to contact them if they haven’t posted? I see that Tim is in Parker CO which is where I used to live (his pin is just around the corner from my house, but that may mean nothing), but I can’t find a way to relate that person back in the forums. Tim, you out there?


Hi Dru, I’m up near Perth.


The other possibility with this group is you come home and find your Maslow mysteriously upgraded.


“Point 36” near Alexandria, I’d love to know who you are IML (In Maslowian Life), neighbor.


Nice one
Have u got ur maslow set up?
i got it mine setup with logans linkage kit just before xmas
What router and z axis do you use?
For cad and cam i use fusion


PM me first and I’ll give you directions and take Mrs Moose out for dinner. Keep an eye out for the swamp rats, they’re kinda help/hinder depending on their mood :grin:


I’ve added my town’s location (NE Ohio) to the map.

@jwolter You’re somewhat nearby (other side of Cleveland) – do you have your Maslow constructed already?


Frame’s done (see pictures of it above, with panel saw). Assembly of the kit will have to wait until after robotics build season finishes.


@bar, I’d like to nominate Dag83’s map as Project of the Week. Especially since we have that nice shiny PotW badge that hasn’t been awarded in a long while.


I second that! What a cool project


Personally, i’d like to get the badge when i actually make a project, i just clicked like 5 buttons in google maps.
That said, i am a boyscout, we don’t have badges in belgium, but appearantly they are all the rage in america :grinning:


I do not see a hand, or a marker to add myself to map. Thanks


Its the little pin icon next to the hand. Took me a minute as well to figure it out.



For those who don’t have a Giggle account, or don’t want it linked to a marker on a Map, post the coordinates (like 26°08’55.3"N 50°27’52.2"E) of your town and helpful elves will put a pin for you.


I do have a Google account, but still not seeing a solution to pinning location. Coordinates are: (45.2781732,-123.0109351)

Thank you


Is that near Newberg? Dundee?
Just signed in and realized I have to click 'Edit’
Added the pin near the ‘Wine and Bubble Bar’ :slight_smile: What is a Wine and Bubble bar? Boozing in Jacuzzi?


Bubbles equals sparkling wine. Dundee was the target. Thanks


Is the Google map still working? I don’t seem to be able to access it?

Another option would be Umap Which is based on Open Street map.


Still working as far as i can see