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🌎 Are we neighbors? Pin the Map! (optional) 🌍


Yep, still working. I am sympathetic to OpenStreetMap, though, as I’m an active editor of it in my area.


Ah got it, gave ‘too many redirects’ on Chrome, but works in Firefox.


Nice, if i fart there are at least 2 other maslovians that smell it. :grinning:


2 in Japan? OK, yes I confess, I admit I wanted to push this up to the top of ‘latest’, I apologize. but did you see that amazing dog in front of a Maslow?


I think belgium is winning in the maslovians/km2 contest :slight_smile:


Nice, looks like I live nearby, I am in Fairfax Station, VA. I haven’t received my Maslow yet, hoping end of February.


Sweet, good to know I’ve got a neighbor. I have my frame set up with a temporary sled, but I haven’t gotten to cutting yet. I’ll be interested to see what you decide to build.


Hi Sam,
I cant figure out how to send you a pm.
We are thinking of making a Maslow, Would it be possible to see yours in action? [Also based in the UK].



Michael, @AquaponicsLab

To send a PM - click on a user name this will open their user profile then use the message button in the upper right -

Thank you

Brand New, Still in Box, Maslow for Sale in Australia - SOLD :)

‘Joined 12 hours ago’ It is possible that PM is not activated for brand new users. Perhaps you need to raise in “trust level” to be able to PM. A few posts, likes and replies should do the trick.


New users get an automatic welcome PM from Discobot, so it must work from the beginning




i just checked the map again im really happy with the neighbors i got i.
i have 2 maslow gurus dlang & bee plus point 35 whoever that is no mister rogers in my neighborhood (hi neighbor)
its a beautiful day in my maslow neighborhood just a beautiful day would you build mine


@Zeddymac Welcome to our group and the neighborhood.

Thank you


I’m added as a 12th-century castle. I’ve got a very reasonable pub almost next door ;¬)


Thank you Dag83 for getting this map set up and started, very cool. I have not received my CNC yet, hope fully by the end of March or April I will have it and up and running. But I just wanted to say thank you for getting this map started. I see from the map I have two people I can possible get to know and get help from that are close to me.


A few more Maslows, a lot less snow, and we can have a western Lake Superior/northern WI & MN meet-up! Somewhere around Duluth, maybe?


Hi Mike

I haven’t put it together yet I’m afraid. Waiting to see how the new sled/ frame designs pan out (plus just stretched for time)

It’s all in a box in the Bristol Fish warehouse, so you can have a look when you come to visit…


hey can you ping me via PM on a meet up?

Thank you


I would be all for this. Depending on if I finish mine or not I live about 15 miles North of Duluth.