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🌎 Are we neighbors? Pin the Map! (optional) 🌍


Also up for it :smiley:

I haven’t been to Duluth in ages.


I took quite a few patients to St.Mary’s, but haven’t spent any time in the city. It’s about a 4 hour drive, looked sort of central on the map


since the unistrut brackets are ~$6 each qty 20 vs ~$15 each qty 1, are there enough people who would want them in southern california to do a group buy and not have to deal with delivery?


It’s about 4hrs for me too.


I’m in just let me know my % and when you are ready


Bump mapping is technique used to give a realistic look to an otherwise flat surface.

Now, how on earth did I get on this subject? :thinking:



Just dropped a pin, when I get my Maslow setup, it will be the southern most Maslow in US.


Just set my pin in South Carolina


I’ll drop a pin when I’m at the desk again. Canadian though, near Vancouver, BC. Don’t see anyone near me though…


OK, done. One more Canadian on the map, although My kit has not arrived yet, I bought a bunch of other parts. Does that count for now? :slight_smile:


The map is looking great!


Added my pin … Prince Edward Island




I think Stompin’ Tom would probably have been a Maslowian given the amount of plywood he stomped through … “Stompin’ Tom remembered as ‘dart smoking, plywood banging’ Canadian icon



Hi all, neewby i’m but hope to be part of maslowmaniac
Where are the god damn frenchies !?
I’m a french possible future maslownian but want to talk to a frenchyyyyy (parisian hyper welcome)
Anybody there ??


Hi, salut jeromef,
Pin the map and we will be two in France… :wink:
I’ve never been so close to the beginning of making my Maslow,
as soon as I have emptied my garage!



We all need garages like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside than the outside, but then we will need more stuff to put in them…


Nah i dont need more stuff just to fill a garage, between me and my farther we have filled up a 400m² space