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All together I’ve only got about half that. Need to tell Mrs. Moose we’re falling behind and build a bigger shop


I only see one person in the Dallas Texas area, I would really like to see one of these operate in person before dropping the coin… I’m not suuuuuper tech savvy but would like to contact that person (since I’m assuming they’re a member here) I just don’t know how or where to send them a PM.


@TxStVanWilder If you can find their name on the map (assuming that they’ve posted on the map with the same user name as in the forum), then you can search for them on the forum. Once you find a post from them, you can click on their initial or icon/picture and a box will pop up. There’s an envelope image that will let you message them directly.

There might be an easier way, too – maybe this post from me is a bit of the blind leading the blind. :slight_smile:

I’m in the Houston area and am just getting up and running, so if you find yourself down here – let me know and I’d be happy to demo it.


well sure as hell, its the same user name there as here… Sent a PM…

Im in Austin, SA and Houston often as i travle around quite a bit for work when airplanes break down. If im ever in the neighborhood and having to stay overnight i will most def give someone a shout!

I just want to see one of these in action from beginning to end and make sure its not over my head with the computer portion of things.


Added myself to the map. I’m surprised I’m the only person in the greater Chicagoland area with a Maslow.


Anyone from melbourne? :star:️ Would love to chat :smiley:


@pyrosrock hello :wink: - you live in Melbourbe yea? I just bought my Maslow and I would love to connect with like minded neighbours. :call_me_hand::smile:


Here’s the link again, cause it’s a long topic:

The map continues to fill!

Hello from Denmark!

Added the Atlanta Georgia The Maker Station in Marietta. We are a community workshop and actually have 2 Maslows right now lol. A friend is joking about building his 3rd here. If anyone is ever in town and wants to hang out and Maslow, PM me.


Dueling Maslows! (I bet it gets noisy between those two beasts! :D)


Accuracy duals! let’s see it!
Seems like you have the perfect setup to have one with a linkage and one with the ring. I know that @dlang was willing to ship a linkage kit to someone that would be willing to test against a ring.

Put a top bar on the one on the right and let’s see what they can do!

I’m really jealous… i want 2 machines. :slight_smile:


Hehe not to detract too much from this Map - but yes building the one on left is to better understand new standard bolt together frame and ring kit, so we could correctly rebuild our original frame by welding a proper top bar onto underlying metal frame. One of our members is in talks to get a linkage kit so we can also do a test comparison. First we need the frames to match. Keep a lookout for new forum posting coming soon :wink:


So Africa is now represented can we have a push to get a MaslowCNC in Antarctica for completion’s sake. I’m sure there’s a penguin out there in need of a nimble stool.


I am sure they’d love one. If I can sell my wife on mine (haven’t actually started cutting yet, but she likes watching it move), I could get her to hand carry one down next austral summer so that we can get the 7th


Something’s wrong with the map. Hopefully this is just a temporary Google problem that will fix itself. @Dag83



seems to be working now


Jup, getting crowded :wink: need to zoom out to get all in.


I see there’s a Maslow in Baku


And in Vilnius :wink:


Added SnapperHead Studios to the map. Awesome addition to the forums.