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Been to both cities, including visiting the Frank Zappa Memorial and the Republic of Uzupis :smile:

So what’s the procedure for snowbirds? Move the pin every 6 months, or have two of them? Scheduled to close on Mooseshop Bokeelia in a couple weeks, once we’ve settled in (assuming there’s any available and Mrs Moose doesn’t put us too deep in hock for furniture, etc) it’ll be time to order up the second Maslow. It only has a smallish 2 car garage, but there’s room to put up a decent sized actual shop; thinking of a Quonset style shed around 30x30 (around 10m square) but will see where that plan goes


I would pin the Maslow location. If it travels with you, pin 'em both! If you have adopted a gypsy lifestyle, spending only a few weeks in a place, well, I guess you are going to have to move your pin often. :smile:


For some reason I can’t get to the map on my laptop again. Works fine on my phone, though. Google doesn’t always like me, I guess.


is there any reason we aren’t using a service like


The present approach lets anyone add their own location - will zeemaps allow that, or does it require an administrator to do that?


Plus it’s the Internet and every task has an astounding number of options to choose from. While not 100%, Google maps has a good chance of being there for a long time. Another service might go to the graveyard of forgotten Internet sites. No knock on Zeemaps but I’ve never heard of them before


I notice that Google is going to change some fundamental things about their map service. I don’t think that will affect our map, but it does remind that ours is basically a file that a generous user - thanks @Dag! - has shared. @Jatt might be right to raise the question, if only as a checkup.


Having Plan B prepared is never a bad idea.
If you ever plan to spend a few years in middle east, get used to having Plan C-G ready.


added mine.

Los Angeles, CA.


zeemaps is open - anyone with the link can add a pin, no account needed. (but if you don’t create an account, only the admin can edit the location of your pin later)

As for them not being around, I’ve used them on different kickstarted things or the last 4 years or so…
The nice thing is that it doesn’t require you to have a gmail account or to tie your google account to this project, so good for keeping your google self separate if you’re somewhat security conscious.

i created a mirror of the google maps version linked in this thread on zeemaps if anyone wants to try it out. The map auto-zooms to what it thinks is your location on load.


That works nicely, but it will become unavailable ‘freeze’ after 100 views unless a paid plan is purchased. Zeemaps is the kind of company that will be affected by Google’s price/policy change, I wonder how it will affect their price structure.


I got no problem with trying out another service, as you see in the original post, i just kinda asked “does this work” and by the time we could set it up better there were allready too many people using it to switch over.

That said, the map is not on my main account, it’s an account i only used to cheat at pokemon go. I’ve sent bar the password, so if i ever leave here (not in the least planning to), the map is still accessible.


That’s too bad. oh well, it was a nice service while it lasted.


If I were to set up an alternate map, I would do something based on Openstreetmap. Anything that uses one of the commercial map providers (Google, Bing, MapQuest, Stamen, etc.) is subject to their terms of service, which can change. In many industries it’s not uncommon for one player (usually the biggest) to make a unilateral change to their ToS and all the others follow suit. So if your plan B is based on another commercial map vendor, even if they do not base their maps on Google’s API, it may be vulnerable to Google’s whims, sending you directly to plan F (I’ll let you imagine what the F stands for).

OpenStreetMap is an open-source map database that was created to avoid the pitfalls of commercial providers owning all the map data. OSM isn’t as up-to-date as Google maps, but for the purposes of our map, it’s entirely adequate. Full disclosure: I’m a volunteer mapper for OSM. But then again, I’m a Local Guide for Google Maps, too. I just hate inaccurate maps!


Just added, my lonely location in S.A :grin: Great idea to thank you


Just added to the map in Mesa AZ.


Just added my Maslow to the map. :smiley:

In the middle of building it. :smiley:


I’ve added my Maslow to the map. It’s the first in the Canary Islands (Spain) :crazy_face:.


That is my favorite holiday place. :slight_smile:


First Austrian on the map! :sunglasses: