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🌎 Are we neighbors? Pin the Map! (optional) 🌍


Haha, mad max from austria, shouldn’t that be australia? :smiley:


Yeah, it should - Austria was the closest I could get :grin:
One of my favorite movies though…


Continuing the discussion from :earth_americas: Are we neighbors? Pin the Map! (optional) :earth_africa::

Hi Didier,
I see you live near Bordeaux and me too!
can I have your mail to be able to exchange on the Maslow kit?
See you soon!



Hi Ben,
Amazing! I thought I was lost on a desert island!
You can contact me through my website “”, on the bottom you’ll find my phone number and a contact form.

A bientôt!


Just out of intrest, do many French understand English, do they visit english websites?


Hi, Dag83. I don’t think so, French culture resists to englishization of the world :wink: But I make a big effort on myself, right here, by eating feet, inches, translating and trying to understand all that I can of this fascinating Maslow!


I tried to go to the map and got a 400 error message…


Wierd, still works fine for me


hmm… i copied the link into edge and it loaded there… maybe something up with my chrome… I’ll restart it later (too many things open atm) and try again.


I have had that as well, where I get a 400 error on Firefox and then it works on Chrome.


I agree. I noticed there was an OpenStreetMap link at the top of this thread:

I added myself to that one.

If Google maps allow the coordinate data for each point on the Maslow map to be exported then it could probably be imported to any other map provider.

What would be awesome would be if forum members could enter their lat/lon into their profile and have it appear automagically on a map somewhere.

Fundamentally the underlying map (Google, OSM, whatever) is unimportant. It’s the data overlaid on top.


It would not be hard to migrate from the Google Map to another if we ever needed to. The Google map data can be downloaded as a .kmz file, which is just an XML file with the names, logos, and coordinates in plain text.


Hey, no problem for me, i’m just a ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ kinda guy :slight_smile:

But if you guys wanna do it, go ahead, i’ll change the link in my post.


Nope, I’m not suggesting any action right now. It’s just good to know we’re not screwed if the Google option becomes an issue in the future.


Hi Renata,

I am in Melbourne too and am looking at the option of buying a kit. It would be good to see it in action.

Did you have any luck connecting with other Melbourne owners / users?



Added myself to both the Google & Openstreet maps. Nice to be able to see where my fellow Maslow’ers are!


I added my pin in Cedar Creek, TX between Austin and Bastrop. Pin is within a mile of where we plan to move in the next couple weeks. Should coincide with the arrival of my Maslow, hopefully I’ll be able to set up both the Maslow and my shop soon.

There is a pin in South Austin, but it’s only a pin number. Is there someone down here that I can meet up with?


Added my pin in Wylie, TX a few days ago. Maslow should arrive soon, and we’ll close on the new house about then. Can’t wait!


I’m one of the three pins in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I don’t recall if I found the penguin icon first or if I copied someone else who was marked down before me, but either way I like the team spirit.

I just got my Maslow up and running and have only cut out the new sled so far.


I’m in rockwall and sent you a PM, I’d love to see one operate before I pull the trigger on one