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I’m impressed and at the same time vary intrigued… only 2 Maslow in Massachusetts ???
I would thought we would have more!

Thank you




Nostrovia :slight_smile:


Added myself to gmap for Bremerton in Western Washington.


Keith where you at in Virginia? I’m south of Richmond and would love to link up and swap some ideas.


Hi Charles,

I’m in Northern VA around Fairfax. My Maslow is sadly not in use as yet as I have had little time to devote to it. I have high hopes to get it completely functional this winter, but we’ll see how the honeydo list shakes out. Have you built yours yet?


Have had it running for a few month now!

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for November 28 and December 5, 2018

Nice work!


When you get ready to set it up give me a shout I would love to assist! This machine is amazing just learning the basics is the hardest thing. I’m pretty decent with it now, but still have a lot to learn.


Thanks! It is actually all set up, I just haven’t had time to actually cut with it. I’ve run it around the board with some designs I plan to cut, but never had time to actually spend on cutting, and now the router body is stiff with corrosion, so I am planning to replace with a c-channel based z-axis. Just another thing to drop time into before I am cutting :confused:


Well if you want to get together sometime give me a shout!




Springdale, Ar here. Hoping to be up and running by February.