Error when compiling arduino

good afternoon
I’m new to the forum
My English is not very good
I have been inclined to acquire a kit to assemble the machine, and I am already on the waiting list.
I’ve been exploring the assembly guide information on the page and I’ve encountered a problem with the arduino code,
I download it and compile it generates error
I do not know if someone who bought your kit has happened to you?
Thank you

Welcome! Let us try to help.

What is the error you are seeing?

thanks for answering ,
I attached an image, I thought it was because of my arduino ide version, but it also comes out with the latest version

Hmmmm I haven’t seen that error before :frowning_face:

Did you download the zip file, then extract it to somewhere (say the desktop), then open it in the Arduino IDE by clicking File → Open ?

Hi, can you confirm that it happens also with arduino-1.8.3?

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