First design iin fusion 360 (with files) & questions ;-)

Hello all,

First and for all: I’m completely new to milling and CAD design. I’m not new to arduino, The kit arrived last friday! Still some work to do, like building a frame. Today I visit a fellow Maslow CNCer to check out his setup and learn from it!

So next thing to do: design something to make. I started with the design of a ‘lightbox’ which will replace the lights down to the basement (when you see the sign it will be obvious :slight_smile:).
I’ve never designed with CAD software. Professionaly I made some interfaces with CAD software, so I know the general idea. I checked following guide of broaudio. Very useful!

Now the questions I still have before I can really start. I’ve to deep dive also a bit in the forums, because most likely the answers could be found:

  • Spacing between parts: is there a best practice to it?
  • I’ve generated the nc file and loaded in ground control: the design is put in the middle of the slab. Can’t I load it to a specific site in order to optimize for future cuts out of the same slab?
  • For the moment, I only have a 8mm straight bit. It seems to me that it will be a bit rough to create the letters
  • For the moment I defined three iterations of 3mm to cut through a multiplex of 9 mm. Is there any best practice towards the number of runs?

Basement (258.6 KB)
Basement sign v7.f3d (1.4 MB)
Basement 2D v5.f3d (1.6 MB)

If you want to use the design, please feel free!


I can share some experience on this.
Either let the cuts overlap slightly or keep 2-3mm between them. A leftover part of 1mm can let longer pieces break out an clog the dust-shoe / vac hose and lead to a pile of sawdust that the bit is spinning in. If unnoticed this can lead to fire.

You can. Either move the sled with the arrows to the desired position and click “define home” (you file will be moved to that location) or click longer on the place you want to move you file and choose from the menu that pops up after a few seconds.