First Time Cut Help

I both my CNC about 6 months ago. Got frustrated during calibration and set it aside.

I am now back at it, and am cutting the sled. I am running into to a small issue with the sled cut though.

I am using 7/16 OSB as a first time trial (its what I had lying around). I find the Z axis ends up going too deep and cuts into the background board of the frame. I think this is referred to as the waste board. Since I am thinking my OSB is too thin, how would I go about knowing how to adjust the Z axis to avoid the over cut? Where in the Gcode would I find the thickness of the board that the code was written for?


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Look for G01 Z - commands (Z negative)
Negative numbers will lower your z axis, for example Z-0.5 will lower the router .5in (assuming your G-code is in inches)
Hope it helps

Hi @Sensei_Beall, also check the Z-Axis pitch in the settings. Depending on you Z-axis setup the default number there might need to be changed.

Kind regards, Gero