G1 Z moves hang waiting in PID loop

Using the Meticulous Z Axis with a -24 Z axis pitch, the z axis moves correctly when in the z axis adjustment and homing dialog, but when I run G1 instructions the firmware appears to hang waiting on the z-axis pid. The z axis motor is buzzing during this but the left and right are not.

Here’s what the logs look like (with me clicking stop after its hung for a while):
1440.73: Sent: G0 Z3.0000
1440.75: G0 Z3.0000
1441.13: ok
1441.14: Sent: G1 X-341.198600 Y-43.11720 Z0.0000
1441.16: G1 X-341.198600 Y-43.11720 Z0.0000
1522.26: Sent: !
1522.28: ok
1522.31: position loaded at:
1522.32: -341.20
1522.34: -43.12

Has anyone encountered this behavior?

did you ever set a feed rate? if not, the default feed rate is extremly slow

David Lang


Perfect advice @dlang!

For future troubleshooters:

In FreeCAD I had set a job-wide vertical feed rate but the tool itself was overriding with 0 mm/s.

Set tool feed rate here: