GC/FW 1.03.. Is recalibration required?

To use GC/FW 1.03, is it necessary to recalibrate because of the chain sag compensation being incorporated into the calculations? I see a new variable, chainSagCorrection, has been incorporated and was wonder what the effect would be if the default was used.

The default value of 0 should be usable, just no chain sag compensation would be implemented. I believe a check was put into the firmware recommending a calibration, but would need confirmation on that.

you should recalibrate with 1.03 if you are using triangular kinematics

the new calibration is far more accurate, as well as accounting for chain sag

If you leave things at their default values, accuracy will suffer (at least
compared to going through the calibration, I’m not sure that unmodified is any
worse thant 1.02)

Thanks. I did not see anything in the release notes specifying it was needed, but wanted to check.

I don’t think you would need to re-do the motor width calibration, but doing the chain calibration and the triangular calibration are a very good thing!

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I will definitely recalibrate, but as it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes and if it was actually required to avoid wonkiness, then I was going to suggest it be added. Maybe state that though recalibration is not required, it is recommended due to the improvements in accuracy that can be realized.