GC stops working when stopping routing in process

Hi, i always have the problem that when i stop routing without finishing the hole process, GC stops working. Then i can`t start continuing routing or bringing the Sled in the Zero-Position. Then i have to close GC and start everything from the beginning. Is this normal, am i doing something wrong? I am using GC 1.04.
Greetings, Axel

Well, it’s not normal. Is this happening on a particular gcode file or even during calibration?

Hi, it happens with differnet files, during the normal working process.

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Does it happen at same spot for the same file, everytime? Have you reviewed the logs to see if there is anything being reported? Does the screen show loss of connection?

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It sounds like Axel is hitting the “Stop” button. Is that correct, @Axel?

If that is the case, I believe that issue has been fixed. The current GC & FW release is 1.11. You may want to update. I am still running 1.07 with plans to update once my ring kit arrives and I have time to install it, so I can’t speak as definitively on how 1.11 works.


Ah, misread. doh.

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Maybe, maybe not. :slight_smile:

Hi, Keith, yes, im hitting the stop button. I thought i so can stop the process, while something went wrong by routing, for example. And then to update GCode,move the router to another position or so. But i cant update GCode or start routing again. Only if i finish GC and start it from the beginning. So, you think i have to update to fix this problem? And what Madgrizzle asked, there is no loss of connection shown. I will attach a Screenshot, maybe this helps.

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Yes, I seem to remember there being a problem with GC 1.04 becoming non-responsive when the Stop button was used. I am fairly certain that it has since been fixed. Unfortunately, I can’t test for you until tonight, but I am sure there are several people that could check to verify that in the later releases this has been fixed.


Hi, yes this problem is fixed in this GC Version, cool. Thanks for your help, Axel


Use “Pause” not “stop”

when you hit stop, it’s not something that you are expecting to recover from,
not a ‘let me tweak this and keep going’ thing