GC's configurations

Ok, I have me a new windows 10 tablet that I am going to use as the Maslow driver. Can I just move configuration of Mt Maslow over, or should I rerun the setup?

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You can move it over. You will likely need to change the port when you start up GC and the open gcode file may not be found and might give an error, but other than that I think you will be good to go.


When you say

Do you mean GC has an empty G-Code file it looks for when it first opens?

No, but in your settings, there is a line for the last open gcode file. So that when you open GC the prior file is opened again. If it can’t find this file, it will popup an error, but it doesn’t harm anything.

Also, I assume you are just talking about copying over the groundcontrol.ini file?