Ground Control red reticle no longer matches router position

I went through the initial calibration setup and was attempting to run the Triangle Test Cut Pattern when I noticed that the router was plunging all the way through the plywood backing board (which is now going to be separate investigation). After putting the router in the home location, I used the down arrow to move the sled about 150 lower so I could zero out the bit.

I accidently pressed the Define Home. Now the red reticle is about 150mm above where the router is physically located. I used the arrow keys to move the router back to several other spots on the board and pressed the Define home button. When I press the Home icon, the router moves the spot I defined, but the reticle is always 150mm above where it should be.

Without going through the entire calibration process again, is there a way to resync the actual router location to the Ground Control reticle?

I tried to recalibrate it by taking off the chains, putting a tooth in the 12 o’clock position and extending the chains.
I also re-downloaded the ground control software and opened the newly downloaded version.

In both cases, the reticle is still way above where it should be.
Would flashing the Arduino be the next step?

I suggest running through the calibration process again. Something didn’t come out right in the process.

I redownloaded the software again, and also wiped the EEPROM; basically started from scratch.

When Initially it looked good while calibrating it, but when I was zeroing out the Z-Axis, the entire sled move down instead of the router. Now the reticle shows being about 7 inches where the router is…

It was, as I was expecting; user “error”. I had somehow put the rotation radius to 0 instead of 140 which is the distance it was off. I went back and changed it and now it corrected itself…

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