Has anyone built a Short frame?

I was considering the bolt together frame with a piece of unistrut for the top beam, but it looks like it will be 76.3 inches off the ground, and my basement is only 74 inches tall. Would it be possible to cut a few inches off the bottom and still have it work, or would that cause issues? Ideallly, the frame would only be 72 inches tall, giving room for the motors at the top, without them having to go up into the joists of the ceiling - I could put them up there if needed, but it seems like a bad idea.

@Jatt . No reason it wouldn’t work. Your envelope of accuracy will be slightly diffrent. The beauty of this system is you can build it and modify it as much as you want to.

Thank you

you need to watch for clearance of the sled + hoses when you are cutting at the
bottom. without additional support, you can’t cut quite to the bottom of the
workpiece anyway, so there is a little bit of buffer.