Haywire! A disaster story

mid 2010 MacBook pro
os 10.13.6
fusion 360
GC 1.22
FW 2.22
final sled
Z axis with mods
triangular with ring

So there I was rocking and rolling when the left bungee jumped the center roller and sent the whole sled crashing to the ground. (protip… put some washers on top of those things to prevent that)
Well ok ill just flip the damaged sled, re calibrate from scratch and rock on right?
Yeah not so much.
First calibration complete, sent it to home for the measuring cuts and the sled heads straight for the right corner floor and doesn’t stop till I hit the big red button before I run out of chain.
mmm ok try again.
no luck.
noticed that the positioning commands (the purple buttons) are off by like one position.
not reversed… like the down and to the left button just goes down. the down button goes down and to the right etc…
on third re-calab noticed the right chain is like 6 inches shorter then the left chain after setting chain length.
testing motors was fine, nothing reversed.
calab numbers look good to me…

dis btwn mtrs 3025.2
v offset 457.2
chain sag 31.400396 ?

re flashed with new FW downloaded new GC… same deal

Woah! The much excitement!

Are the chains top-feed or bottom-feed? Are they both fed correctly and the same way?
The ‘calibration’ is just the ‘Actions/SetChainLength-Automatic’, right? The rest probably wouldn’t be needed.

Yes chains are both bottom fed.
And correctly set.

Yes I just did the chain length calab after the first round of total calab.

And I wasn’t imagining it. The chain on the left measures 63 in and the chain on the right measures 59 in

Can you post your groundcontrol.ini file? It should be in your home directory.

Update. Back in business. did a full restart and firmware update and completed the calab cut and things went back to normal. thanks for your help


I’ve decided to step away from mine for awhile since Ive encountered something very similar. It’s nice to read that there is light at the end of the tunnel.