Hello from New Zealand

Thank you for your message
My kit arrived in 5 days. That was super fast. Im gonna build frame today. My garage height is only 1800mm so i have to make it work.

I will give Inkscape a go. Thnx

Hi What model of the router please from bunnings? If i dont have to modify anything and z moter can get mount on it easily that will be awwsome. Cheers

1800mm! Wow! I think I’d have to take my boots off to work safely in that garage :wink: Still, it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it. And shoehorning a Maslow in there sounds like a grand plan.

I just measured my machine; it’s 1950mm from the floor to highest point on the frame. The frame could be lowered by up to 300mm by cutting the feet on it lower, but that would mean the wasteboard would be sitting on the floor which means the router can’t cut any closer than (sled radius - )mm away from the bottom edge. I’m sure you’ll find a workable middle ground somewhere there though!

The router I used is their own brand (Ozito) 850W. Model is ROU-5000. But it didn’t come without need for modification and I wouldn’t specifically recommend it as to be honest it’s a pretty awful cheap router. Kida like D-Link lol :slight_smile: I only bought it because of the price and I spent reasonable effort fabricating my own Z axis system based around a standard Chinese C-frame screw assembly with stepper motor.

Well yeah thats only Garage i have for now at rental property but amy plan is to incline the frame bit more to fit it. Am sure it wont change anything with maslow operation.
May i ask how waste board work. How often you need to replace wasteboard am sure cuts go onto it. What kinda wasteboard you use?

Don’t be too sure! Frame inclination angle can make a big difference to Maslow operation. Be sure to search back through these forums on the subject before becoming set on a particular angle. I would be inclined (lol - I’m a dad) to stick with original angle and just decrease lower leg height.

I still have my original piece of wasteboard from 2 years ago fitted and it’s got plenty of life in it yet. Although I can see a faint reminiscence of almost every cut I’ve done in it if I look closely for long enough :slight_smile: I do often deliberately cut 2-3mm below my lowest stock level to ensure a good clean lower edge on the workpiece.

When I move to using the sharpie I put down a fresh sheet of 12mm over top of the wasteboard then a couple of layers of brown packing paper roll on top of that for the drawings.

Righty I’ll see the inclined angle then.
May i aks what kinda of mod you have to do for ozito? Any plan or file available or photo of it please? Cheers

No files were used sorry. It was a very organic fabrication - I bored holes into it’s cast alloy and bolted a piece of flat bar against it then welded up more flat bar to make the rest of the frame. I relied on the router’s built-in springs to bring it back up, so the z motor only pushes down on it. I had to hacksaw the handles off by hand to make it fit inside the ring. I really wouldn’t recommend it any more than I’d recommend just starting with scratch using any old router off the shelf.

All good
I have Bosch 1200 AE i might play with it then. Thanx for your help. Lets make frame today cheers

Nice one. I did a little work on my frame today too - I made up some steel brackets out of angle iron which will keep the top frame at 90 degreed to the workpiece plane better than the glued & screwed wood struts do. I snapped a photo see below.

I also took a photo of my Z axis assembly, although it only has an (empty) sharpie holder on it at the moment. When the router is fitted, the alloy frame attached to the c-channel just pushes down on a piece of flat bar that I bolted to the router.

Thats looks great DIY and fully functional mod. That bracket idea is great i should do it too. Im gonna use 75mm×50mm framing timber. Hope it will hold it strong.
Where did you buy that Lead screw? Does bunnings or Mitre 10 has it?
Good to see your welding skills am doing welding course too part time atm.:grinning: thnx for your helpful message

Nah I couldn’t find anywhere in NZ that sells that sort of hardware at a reasonable price so I sourced from China. Banggood have a drop-shipper here in NZ and their deliveries generally take <2 weeks to arrive, so here’s an example from them:

I also fastened a small length of angle to the back of that screw channel and a small length of flat against the sled so that it would counter the tendency for it to want to roll over backwards when levering on the router. I’ve attached a photo from underneath to illustrate.

I have a Maslow CNC with a z axis mod for sale in Lower Hutt, Wellington. I move to the USA in 2 weeks and can’t take it with me. I’m very motivated to sell. Anyone out there want to get started with Maslow or has a friend that wants in cheap. I can’t ship but am willing to include frame/ router/ all Maslow stuff/ bits/ etc.

Also have some other maker stuff like a 3D printer and electronic components.