Henk Rijckaert - De Koterij

I just found out why the Maslow is so ‘relatively’ popular in Belgium. Appearantly, a popular Belgian comedian has a maker channel, and he installed Maslow a while ago.

I don’t know why i’m posting this, if you understand Dutch and you’re here, you probably already heard of this, and if you don’t understand Dutch you don’t understand what he’s saying, but he’s very positive about it.

Also he says Maslov, with a V, i never thought about it before, but Abraham Maslow was a Russian imigrant, so that is probably how it should be pronounced.


Henk is a mad genius making all kind of weird stuff. I like his channel a lot!
In fact he started because he wants to learn new techniques and records it along the way. He does various things: cosplay, Arduino, welding,…