How important is level?

I was inspired by the frame design here:!/general:new-frame-idea

But I did not even think to consider if my garage floor is level until it was complete:
Google Photos

So, how important is level?

Obviously my frame is not level either:

I attempted to shim a corner but it looks like it will take quite a few shims. Should I continue to lift one side with shims or move the “ledger” board and top motor mount board to put them into level?

it should not be very important, the sled hangs from two points, if you tilt
things significantly, accuracy may suffer in the bottom uphill corner of the
machine where the gravity vector is already small

The closer any chain gets to vertical, the more accuracy suffers. Tilting the
machine will make one corner be closer to vertical and the other further from

Unless you are really tilted, I doubt you will notice any difference in the

I think you could easilly build some screw out/in adjustable feet to help level it. If it’s off enough to cause issues.

Seems to me like a good opportunity to find out if “slightly out of level” affects accuracy.

After going through calibration with the test sled it seems pretty accurate, was able to get the distance Horizontal and Vertical to both measure right at 23.75"

I am making some modifications to the sled and I will attempt to cut an object out and measure its accuracy.

Thanks for all of the input!