How often do you remove router?

My Maslow is not even built yet, and I am considering starting fresh with a C Beam z-axis setup, using the lighter weight Dewalt 611 and the router mount from Inventables. That mount uses a few nuts and bolts to hold the router in place. So my novice question…do you remove the router from the sled often? Do you need to remove it to change bits? If it’s frequently removed I want to find a different mount.

Second question, I will be building this C beam setup onto the premade Maker Made sled. How critical is centering the router to the sled? Is being off by a few mm a big deal?

I have the standard set up and I remove mine every time I change bits.

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Digging more into the C beam parts, I wish I would have bought a Metal Maslow kit instead. The Rigid router and their mount might be the way to go since the router comes out with a couple thumb screws.

The reason it’s convenient to remove the Ridgid router from the standard setup is because of the limited access to the collet when the router is in the base. If you have the Dewalt mount on a C-Beam there should be plenty of room to change end mills.