I am stumped on setting chain length. chain is on outside of sprocket to set chain length

I was rocking along and then halted. I tried to set chain lenght and get an image with chain outside of sprocket versus the inside. I did set chains with the outside sprocket but in ground control right is left and up is down. router moves in opposite direction of cursor.
When this first happened I went back to verson 1.25 and at chain was on inside of sprocket. Now even deleting 1.26 and re installing 125 i get chain on outside of sprocket.

Please help

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Please clarify if you have your sag/spare chains across the top beam (bottomfeed) or left and right of the frame (topfeed).

Changing versions of Firmware and GroundControl may require to delete the Eeprom and start fresh, perhaps also renaming the groundcontrol.ini file in the top level of your ‘user name’ folder.
Also always match the FW version with the GC version.

thank you I am off bottom. I dont kmow about eeprom. v126 has chain off top. Ididnt realize the top could go to sled.

I do not understand this statement. You can choose in every version.
You tell GroundControl during calibration if your chains feed from the bottom or the top. If you click the wrong option, that could explain why the motors turn the wrong way.

i have calibrated already, all was good. and now the image for set chain length is different the machine isrunning as chain on top i guess. I will go thru full calibration now andreturn. thx

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You can change the feed type from top to bottom 2 ways:
In the GC advanced settings and in the groundcontrol.ini -> chainoversprocket = Bottom

Thx all. fixed. I went back to start of calibration and selected bottom.
I don’t know how it changed.

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