I'm having trouble calibrating. The chain length portions are the most difficult

Do I have to start over each time if something gets interrupted?

If I have a value for the distance between the motors, do I need to redo that pull tight measurement every time the chain gets taken off/on the sprockets?

I could have sworn the right motor wasn’t releasing nearly enough chain when it was releasing a known amount of chain.

Plus, I worry I have the chains in such a way that it might rub or bind. I feel like I’m doing several things wrong. Is there a good video for the right way to calibrate and how to identify/troubleshoot common errors?

Photos of the setup and screen: https://photos.app.goo.gl/aCH64PxbpTw8AzR28

  • Windows 10
  • Firmware 1.23 and GroundControl version 1.23
  • Hopefully final frame, temporary (square) sled
  • Z-Motor installed
  • I have the ring kit

I linked a video which helped me in this post:

You can manually enter a distance between motors in settings and skip the measurement step. You will have to set the sprockets vertical, define zero, and extend the chains. There’s no need to repeatedly do the distance measurements.

Kindly correct me and help:
First: I will enter the measurements taken manually as - the distance between motors, vertical distance between the top of work area and the center of motor - to the GC.
Second: Set the sprockets vertical.
Third: Define Zero
Fourth: Extend the Chain Is this mean to just extend the chain between the 2 motors?
If Yes - do I have to center the chain between the 2 motors?

Assuming above is correct and the chain is set horizontally between the 2 motors, can you write i details the next steps till finishing the permanent sled.

Don’t use extend chain if you have done those steps. Skip the measuring distance between motor page (there’s a skip button) and continue through until you get to adjusting the chains (for the purpose of attaching the sled)

Do adjust the chains because that’s where it would feed out the chain for you to attach the sled.

Thank you.
Some days ago I have follow your instruction but unfortunately when I press to adjust the Left motor, the motor work for a second a halt. When I checked the Groundcontrol.ini file the Distance between motors which I have interred 3030mm became -12.7mm.
However I will repeat it tomorrow and hope it will work.
Will inform you accordingly.

If you enter the distance manually and skip the “pull tight part” of the calibration the distance should not change. (Programmers: Unless the eeprom started to overwrite the .ini?)
If you change the setting in GC, restart GC, is your value 3030mm in the .ini without doing anything else?

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What is the Eeprom?
Someone suggest to wipe it which I don’t know how.
Yes, after If I entered manually the 3030mm and checked GC, the value still 3030mm.

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Press Actions, then Advanced, then Wipe EEPROM

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I am going tomorrow to follow these steps and appreciate to advice.
Distance between Motors. I will entered it
Motor offset height. I will entered it.
Distance between sled mounting point: I don’t under stand the meaning, so please clarify so I can enter the measurement correctly.
Vertical distance sled mounts to center - I will enter the value.

Next I will Restart GC by reboot the PC!

I will follow the these steps :
Left Sprocket
Right Sprocket
Set Zero
Looks Good
Left & Right Sprocket
Set Zero
Next after enter the 150mm measurement
Now I will start to use the chain.
Adjust Left & Right Chain

Do you advice also to Wipe EEPROM, If Yes, In Which step.


Is only if you use the first chain mount brackets. Leave untouched.

Leave untouched. You have the ring I guess and only need the rotation radius.

Edit: Let’s clarify…
You have a triangular kit ->ring, or triangulation linkage kit, or top mount, or using brackets?

Edit: In addition are your ‘unused chain/slag or slack?’ chains left and right of the frame or tensioned across the top?

I have the same system as mentioned in the video:
Maslow CNC Setup
Calibrating the Maslow Step #5 Part #3
By Homesmith

I am having a very similar issue. After “Looks Good” step. My left motor lets out about a foot of chain and the right lets out what looks like enough but I am unable to attach the sled with so little chain coming from the left side. Any advice? Kevin

I’m on firm ware 1.25 and GC 1.25
windows 7

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