It's Alive! ...and very functional

After a few hiccups (too many to list), I was able to cut the mountain.bc file Bar posted to another troubleshooting thread.

I’ve got a long road ahead, but have great things planned. Thank you all who’ve made this whole project and community what it is :slight_smile:

  • Lance

That looks like a clean cut, well done.

Keep the pictures coming.

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Looks nice. What bit did you use?

Did it go off-track on the lower left corner on one of the passes or did you just do the cutout over a spot that already had a cut?

Gero, Thanks!
LakeWorthB, I used a Yonico brand 1/4" 2 flute compression end-mill
madgrizzle, yes you did see that. I had a “tooth jump” event at the very start of the run. I had lubricated both chains previously and doing my best to keep the chain in plane on the out-feed side, but thinking about experimenting doing the same for the in-feed side.