Laptop set up with audrino software download

I am in process of downloading software and get time out error on laptop prt1?? My question is do I need to first hook laptop to cnc parts with USB cord THEN download software which will read machine?I downloaded audrion on to laptop com 1 and it gives timeout error?

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Maybe the order is defined in the Assembly guide under programming the Arduino.


Welcome to the Forum!
Yes, the Arduino needs to be connected with USB to the laptop, in order to upload the firmware.
In the pictures you posted on Git error timeout when downloading audrino · Issue #487 · MaslowCNC/Firmware · GitHub it looks like the Arduino is not connected or is not set on the correct COM-Port.

“Can i download all software to my main pc then put sketch on thumb drive for laptop to use on cnc machine or does all software have to be on laptop attached to machine?”

On the laptop for the MaslowCNC, all you need is GroudControl, however:
In order to download on a PC and transfer with a thumb drive, you have 2 options:

  1. Download the Arduino IDE, the Firmware and GroundControl, put them on the thumb drive. Install the Arduino IDE on the laptop, connect the Arduino Mega and upload the firmware, run GroundControl.

  2. Connect your Arduino Mega to the PC and upload the Firmware there, take it back to the laptop and connect it and run GroundControl.

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I had the same issue and was able to solve it with the solution provided by you. tThanks for your help!!


Thanks for the awesome and infomative post. As a newbie, I was struggling with the same problem, but now thanks to this I am able to fix it. Cheers

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Thanks for the solution.