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Looking to buy a maslow with z axis


I am looking to buy a Maslow with Z axis


If you aren’t in a rush, we have kits shipping in early December with Z-axis and ring.


Thank you for the response. Unfortunately hurricane Florence destroyed my little town of New Bern, NC. I lost almost all of my shop and good old FEMA is not helping. I found out my insurance didn’t cover flood either. To be honest I never thought in a million years that where my shop is I would have needed it. So I am kind of in a rush but if it doesn’t happen between now then I’ll have to wait because it is all my pockets can afford living off VA disability and repairing my home, lol.


Crim, I have one for sale, with Z axis and both a ring and another setup for triangular geometry: Complete maslow, router, ring kit, etc for sale in Texas


Awesome!! How much and Do you accept paypal?