Mac user problems with inkscape

i am using a mac and have downloaded the inkscape but i cant figure out how to use other fonts stored in my computer library on inkscape. i am wanting the farmhouse style fonts. any other mac users that can help me?

I haven’t tried it, but this page talks about getting fonts on a mac working in Inkscape. There is a whole slew of fonts listed when I look at ‘Text/TextAndFont’ but I’m not sure whether any are ones i have added over the years.

yes there is your basic fonts but not the ones i need. i have the fonts on my computer just cant figure out how to use them with inkscape since you cant add fonts inkscape.

Where are the fonts showing up in your Mac? Can you see the fonts in Textedit? What version of the OS are you on?

Thank you

Fonts are added to the Operating System, not the applications that run on it.

So there’s no way to “add a font” to Inkscape. That being said, applications don’t always keep up with changes to operating systems and the locations where files are stored. Apple isn’t the most consistent in this regard so it’s possible that Inkscape is looking in a location that Apple isn’t using for fonts anymore.

This will be dependent on your Mac OS version.