@madgrizzle Would you consider a challenge?

I was sitting around working on the Website in the middle of the night and it hit me.

Vitruvian Man!

Would you consider doing a Carving project of Vitruvina Man?

The first time I ever saw this image, I was a kid. My parents had a friend who worked at NASA. I received a letter from the Apollo astronauts and this was on the envelope it came in.

I’m sure the copyright is up on this one. :wink:

Thank you

That’s a lot of fine detail. I’m not sure how big the gcode would be… would need to use a carving bit for sure…i’ll look at it.

It would need to be reduced somewhat. No I’m wondering how Picasso would have don this as a single line.

Thank you

Are you after the figure or figure and text?

Just the figure.

somewhat like this

Thank you

re: copyright, unless it was produced before 1929, copyright is life of creator

  • 90 years (with a few exceptions)

Pretty sure Da Vici has been gone for over 90 years and pre 1929. Good to know though.

Born: April 15, 1452, Anchiano, Italy
Died: May 2, 1519, Clos Lucé, Amboise, France
On view: The Louvre, National Gallery of Art East Building,

Thank you

Actually (in the US at least) copyright is the life of the author PLUS seventy years.

Here’s something I put together… it’s scaled to be 4-feet by 4-feet. I used an engrave/follow toolpath. The problem with this is that each of the lines is really two lines (a top and bottom). For instance, the circle consists of two circles, an outer circle and an inner circle. Ideally you would do a profile on everything, but I picked an 1/8-inch bit and its too big to get between the inner and outer lines… either that, or the programs just can’t handle something so detailed.


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plus 90 after the last go-round. however, I’ve heard people saying that it’s
unlikely toget bumped upagain, people are starting to see how crazy it is and
Disney doesn’t have the power they did the last time around

David Lang

Yes - This is the problem I’ve had with 3D to 2D. It is not able to deal with understanding Z depth and a tools kerf. I am needing to wrap my head around drawing for the router bit and Makercam. I appreciate your doing it.

Thank you

This is a pretty wild idea but I wonder what running it through a TSP (traveling salesman problem) program would do?

They’re popular in the EggBot community, which also has the slowness issue (hmm, getting about time to dig mine out again). The article has a link to a TSP solver.


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Go Moose! I want an Eggbot

Thank you

Had it at least 5 years now, these days only dig it out to decorate a few Easter eggs. With the kids gone the demand is way down. The any day now first grandbaby (Mrs. Moose is in the air as I type this) might change that…

Cheap beer pong balls are good for practicing.

Hard to go wrong with somebody who calls themselves Evil Mad Scientists

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I tried to get the wife to buy in to the water color bot for wedding invitations. It was a no go. A water color attachment for Maslow could be interesting.

Thank you

I believe that the EggBot was made by Doctor in Minneapolis MN who found some servo motors at a surplus store and then did some tinkering and invented the EggBot. Maybe Bar will end up using Maslow as a stepping stone to other things.

I’d be interested in the house painting model

I’m still trying to figure out how to adapt the Maslow to lawn mowing.

Gonna be hard to tilt the lawn to a 15° angle, plus removing 50 or so trees

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I call that Bourbon!

Thank you

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