Makerverse space usage

@zaneclaes I have updated makerverse several times and my SD card is out of space. the only thing I have added to the sd card is a few gcode files. It had about 2 gig free, but I’ve run probably 5 updates of makerverse and I can’t think of any other reason why the system would be full unless node is keeping all the update files in a cache somewhere. This last update failed because the file system is out of space. Do you have any insight on how to trim the makerverse file usage? I’d like to keep the file structure and card intact.

Hm. Docker is supposed to automatically clean up old images when you run low on disk space. But you can manually prune with: docker system prune --force. I can make the launch script do that automatically, as well, to keep disk usage down.

I had nvm had versions 10 and 12 installed, so I cleared one out. I ran the prune command:

Total reclaimed space: 4.838GB

awesome thanks!

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