Makerverse workspace issue

I set up and ran my first program (a square) to make sure all is working. I set up the calibration first as it was a new machine and the uploaded the .SVG file and cut the square. then Yesterday I went back to do some more and it asked me if I had a new machine and I said no but I can’t find the named workspace to open again. so I typed in the same name and it said it was an existing workspace. so I change the name and then I was able to find the old and the new workspace. All I could do was edit or cancel. Will I have to create a new named workspace every time? How do I load the prior sessions workspace?

additional info:
I have the M2 system and the latest version of Makerverse

@MacAleese can you help?

no support on this question either. I’m batting 0 on both of my questions from last week. I figured out that the boxes on the right of the screen when I first open makerverse is the different workspaces on my computer are blank names so I didn’t see the name of the workspace I created. each of the ones that I created were just blank boxes.

Does anyone know why the boxes don’t have the name of the workspace in these boxes?

Image of the workspace I see.

I think maybe it’s faster to contact MakerMade directly? They don’t seem to check the forums very often

Looks like you’ve clicked that “create new workspace” button a few times already! that sidebar shows a “box” with each workspace, and you should have been asked to choose an icon to display in these boxes.

thanks, I was confused since the name I entered didn’t show up in the box. is there a way to add an icon after the fact or just create another workspace?

Doesn’t look like that’s the case… You can go into “Gear icon” → Workspaces to delete them or rename them, but there’s no icon option.