Manual Chain Calibration

Did that just get slipped into GC or did I miss it earlier? Stumbled across it last week (this week’s being prempted into the great barn (cough cough, seriously dusty) cleanout project. One of the moosettes is here for the week and her mission is clean out the barn).

I used the pre-marked links to set the chains, then used the manual calibration button. No drama (or 6 1/2 minutes of chain twirling), click and it says it’s done. Seemed to work, although there isn’t an easy way if you’re trying to move the teeth to straight up and down. I used the move one degree buttons in the machine calibration the first time, skipped it and went with where it was the second.


Ssh! Secrets… that’s been lurking since early days of the beta.
I usually try that one first. If the dreaded ‘need to calibrate’ dialog still pops up, I drape my chains aside and run the auto chain cal including the zeroing, then put the chains on after the motors stop. Those pre-marked links are my friends :smile:.
Barn cleaning can be profitable (antiques?) and great for the garden beds. Having someone else to do it is the great thing - you’re one clever moose, indeed.

Anything profitable went long before I bought it, and we cleaned out all the sheep manure when we built the new plastic roofed greenhouse barn 30 years ago. Scrap lumber, “I don’t know what to do with it so dump it in the barn”, things like that, and way too much mouse manure. Hint, don’t let somebody overfeed the barn cats. I did find a lot of plywood scraps that will be great maslow practice and small project fodder. Some of them look pretty scroungy, but they’ll cut.

The sheep are long gone, but we still have a 40’ diameter 4 (or so) foot high manure pile that continues to nourish the garden. That’s a heap of SS (no B in sheep :slight_smile: )

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In this neck of the woods, we wear a respirator or at least a mask when dealing with rodent droppings, re Hanna virus. Keep all moosettes safe.
We’ve got a pile from scraping out the neighbor’s 90 year old barn. I won’t allow zucchini seeds within 100’ of it - we’d be buried in squash in short order.

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Should have worn a dust mask, just because of the general floating debris, but didn’t think of it. One hanta virus case in the whole state so far.

Pretty good progress. It’s an iterative effort, clean one area, fix it up, clean the next while restocking the first. Repeat on the next project.

One zucchini plant anywhere and you can’t give them away fast enough. Even here in da U.P. with our short growing season.

Darn - I was hoping to ship some zuccini to you.

Hantavirus infection is usually spread by inhaling the virus, which is in the droppings, urine and saliva of infected rodents.

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I did not release and waited :joy:. 7 m read time is a good indicator.

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My spam warrior days are winding down (Mooselake Bookelia is still a WIP, way too many things that need tightening are in those boxes?), but I suspect Alicia is a third world person working for next to nothing. With capcha’s and similar protections it’s easier to just hire somebody desperate to support their family than find a robot.

It’s also possible our dear friend is on an anti-rodent borne disease mission, looking for search engine hits, although that’s reaching a bit.