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Maslow Jumpstart Kit for Sale - NW Florida

I have a new’ish Maslow jumpstart bundle kit for sale. We built the frame and got it hooked up but never had time to get it calibrated and actually use it. We recently took it apart. All pieces are the kit are accounted for and in perfect condition.

I purchased for $550 in September 2020 and looking to sell for $350. I would be willing to ship for an additional cost.


Does this include the z-axis kit? Can you send pictures

Hi. Yes it does include the z axis (but not router). Here are four pictures.

I’m interested, cost of shipping to 27529?

Hey! Sorry for the delay. It looks like shipping will be $49.56. I’ll split the cost of shipping if you buy this thing!

Let me know.


Always a bad idea to post your phone number in a public forum, you should always use private messages. Welcome to robocall Hades.

I’ve never posted my phone number online and I already live in robocall hadies :grinning: My car is 30 years old and according to the calls I’m getting twice a day it is still under extended warranty!

You are not the only one who has that problem. Just for fun one day I wasted about 20 minutes of their time on my 20 year old car and they finally hung up on me.

This morning I was told that federal law enforcement was coming to arrest me. At noon i got a call telling me that Spectrum cable had a great offer for me. At 4pm, I got another call that federal law enforcement was coming to arrest me… again…apparently.

It was a hell of a day.


Our cars are 15 and 11 years old and we get them. For grins, on slow days, I’ve done the press 1 and stay on the line thing, talked about it for a while, and then ask how they live with themselves working this scam. Usually stops the calls for a few days.

Our exchange has a lot of Chinese students and we regularly get Mandarin robo calls. Supposedly they’re a scam saying your loved one has been arrested in China and for a lot of money they’ll save them. I our Mandarin speaking daughter but she says she never answers unknown numbers and can’t help.

The IRS has threatened to arrest me a couple times unless I sent them a prepaid gift card. Still out of jail but I do look over my shoulder for them from time to time :slight_smile: .