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Maslow Kit for sale, unassembled, can also include Ridgid Router in Columbia, SC

I have a kit that I originally bought in July of 2018. The plan had been to build it as soon as my shop was completed that I was planning to build that summer. The shop never got built, and I haven’t had room for it, so I’ve decided to put it up for sale. This is the original kit with Z-axis and a US power supply. I’ll sell the kit for $300 + shipping.

I also have the components and a printed circuit board for an upgraded shield over the original (not sure how it compares to the current version honestly) that I will include for an additional $50. I can solder it together for you before shipping if you don’t mind waiting the additional time for me to do that, but I have no way to really test it after soldering it without the machine being set up.

Lastly, I have a Ridgid R22002 fixed base router, brand new in the box that I had planned to use for the Maslow. I will include it for an additional $150.

Shipping cost will be based on the estimated shipping cost for the size of the box required and weight to your zip code via UPS ground. Or I can ship faster if you want to pay for it. I will consider shipping internationally if someone wants it outside of the states, but I suspect shipping internationally will be very expensive.

Want all 3 things? I’ll do $500 for everything and I’ll pay the shipping (US only) instead of you paying it.

Send me a message on here if you are interested.

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