Metal Maslow Kit for Sale TX, USA

I procrastinated in putting my metal maslow together. Now I have splurged and bought and Avid 60120.
I have a frame built and mounted the two top motors. Everything else is still in the box. It includes the dewalt 611 router clamp. $550 shipped, frame not included. I would prefer to deliver the whole thing frame and all, $550 delivered locally.

Where in TX are you located?

North East Texas.

I’m in Tyler, TX. Is this still available? Does it have Z Axis kit?

Yes it is still available. It does have the improved z axis. Everything except the router. It has the clamp for the dewalt 611. I also have the frame built for it with the two top motors attached.


I have interest in this


How did the Avid work out so far? I would also by a CNC comparable to this but due to the “Covid fuckup” i need to keep the money back…