Midweek release

I broke the “set chain lengths automatic” button in 1.07 :grimacing:

It’s fixed now in 1.08 and there was talk about support just jumping to 1.08 right now…is there still support for that? I’ve been poking around and haven’t been able to find any other bugs that NEED to be fixed right now, does anyone else know of something which is wrong that can’t wait for the next major release?


Consider implementing the over speed warning?


The sag in direction of the cut at the top with F1000 and a 16.4kg sled is still there.
It is there with 1.02, 1.03, 1.07.

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I thought there were issues where it was triggering sometimes when it shouldn’t…is it good to go?

It triggers very occasionally when motion starts. Attention-getting but not harmful. It would give important information in cases like @Gero’s.

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A comment on calibration 1.07.
I was offered options to extract left and right chain. The left is still at ~3000, so should only have the retract option.

It does retract when you click extend, though :slight_smile:

Edit: 1 more. The picture shown to estimate y-offset shows a short chain. The chain is at ~3000 at this point an might trigger users to mess with the know chain length.

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@gero, I suspect that you are hitting the ‘overspeed’ condition, and so we
really need to get that warning in


I agree. I would also like to go faster then F200.


It’s less a case of triggering sometimes when it shouldn’t and more a case that
we run into the same problem momentarily when trying to go from a dead stop to
high speed.

This is a real problem it’s reporting, it’s just something that will take adding
acceleration planning to stop.

It will also trigger if you make a rapid reversal.

This is why we need to have it only be a warning, not a 'stop the machine’

I didn’t put the warning in or change the calibration around because I didn’t want to risk changing too much when I just want to make sure we’re fixing the issue, but I will test and merge the warning pull request on Monday and work on updating the calibration pictures.