Newbie Needs Info on Accurcy at Edges

I am planning on building a 38’ catamaran using glass over ply building. Maslow seems like a good product to do a majoirty of the cutting of the complex curves. It’s just that many of the cuts will go from edge to edge, especiaally along the longer, horizontal dimensions. I’m in New Zealand, and our ply is 1200mm x 2400mm, so a little larger than US ply.

My question is: how inaccurate is inaccurate at the edges of the ply? Is it a millimeter or two, or are we talking 10 or 12 millimeters? Thanks for the feedback.

2-4mm depending how well it is calibrated.
you will need to build an extention for the sled to glide on if you want to cut all the way to the edges. If you use a longer 12’ beam it will help.
There is a boat building topic on this forum, you might want to take a look at it.

The boat building thread is quite long, so make yourself some popcorn and settle in for a nice afternoon’s read. Lots of cool pictures there.

And welcome to the Maslow Forums!

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