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Next Batch of Maslows / First Project


I bought the maslow for one thing. Christmas decorations!!! I plan on doing 4 foot cutouts and painting them. I will probably do mickey, minnie, daisy, and donald first. Then the rest of the team later. I plan on doing a growth chart ruler as well. I just have to learn to do cad and find the best program.


I wanted to try this one for the kids


My first batch of projects will be for storage and organization in the workshop. I need a proper work bench, so that’s the first large project. For small items, I want to make some drawer organizers for my toolbox so it’s easier to find things in there. I’m pretty sure it’s an inter-dimensional portal, but I’ll try some compartments and trays to be sure.

I also want to build a shed like the Plypad™. Partly because I think the design is really cool and partly to continue working out the kinks to move toward a tiny house. Those tiny houses captivate me.


I am planning on working on a LEGO sorting workbench and a Travel Trailer for my family.


I’m going to work on garage storage also. I want to make some cabinets and a nicer workbench. I hope I get decent at making some cabinets and could include those with some concrete countertops as a side business.


I’d like to do the frames and longitudinal for a small boat. Anybody else on here build boats or surfboards?


Search for boat in the search. Here is just one boat that someone has made: Building a Bolger Bobcat (Payson Tiny Cat) catboat from CAD on up


Hi there, I build sailboats, kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs), and have actually am now building a Bolger (Payson) Bobcat (Tiny Cat) sailboat. Thread mentioned, below.


I’ve thought about this too. There was a street in our town that was “famous” for large hand painted Christmas decorations lit up by spot lights. There was one guy making them but donated them to every family on the street so there was a good 1/4 mile of houses (probably 20 or more) that has these decorations out. It drew quite the line of cars. It would be fun to replicate that and bring a fun twist on the typical holiday decorations.

@Dag83 Ever since you posted that children’s table and chairs I can’t get my mind off of it. What a perfect project for the Maslow - I’m so tempted to make this.


I am in the planning process of opening a Brewery and want to make some tap handles and some signage as well maybe even some thin aluminum. I am going to have to figure out some way to finish the edges if I use Plywood, Bondo maybe? My Brother ordered one too and he wants to make some Peanut themed Christmas Lawn cutouts.


Tell your brother to get on here with us. I am going to do a collaboration soon that we can create all of the character cutouts.


It works. Dries/cures fast and doesn’t shrink. It’s much more durable than wood filler too. There may be better solutions, but I’ve used bondo before on mdf speaker boxes and it was totally fine.


I plan on using the first couple of cuts (once calibrated) to build some additional woodworking jigs and some shop furniture (especially some shop stools).
Sky is the limit really… I can’t wait to start cutting gears and doing all sorts of other things too. I am chomping at the bit to get going as I am sure everyone else is!! :crazy_face:

Looking forward to everyone’s success and failures, there are so many wonderful ideas to explore! Thank you all for your posts and ideas!


What i did was show it to the wife. Now i actually get some maslow construction time :slight_smile:


I am considering this too. Right now I’m working on a picnic table that can be cut from one sheet of plywood, and doesn’t require screws. But this is my next project to create. I will help If anyone wants to collab on this idea. There are three chairs (elephant, giraffe, and gorilla) and the tree table from my research. Let me know!


There is a lion and a rhino too, and i found some more designs googling for paloma’s nest, i lost the link but i found a site where you could but the plans for 60 euro.


Here is the basic design of a giraffe. This is really raw and has not had a lot of fine tuning. Please remember that I have only been on sketchup making things for cnc’s for about 2 days.

The tabs that are cut into the neck should only be 3/8 deep. This shouldn’t harm the structure if it is made out of 3/4 plywood and possibly 1/2 plywood.
I haven’t quite got the transfers over to svg format yet. Here is the sketchup file. (68.5 KB)

Kids tree table with animal chairs

Great work, but i think the back should be tilted a little for comfort. I’ll try to get the elephant done tonight, could you let us know what the sizes of your giraffe are so i can make it the same size.
Should we move this to a new topic?


aah i found it again, this could make copying it easier.
I’m still deciding wether i shouldn’t just buy it. but then i’m depriving myself of a learning oppurtunity :slight_smile:


I will let him know. Can’t wait.