NO advanced settings?

Someone, please help me before I go insane!

I keep getting the “sled not keeping up error” and everyone is addressing it by changing the limit or turning the feature off in the “ADVANCED SETTING” (I also checked the power connection its good)

However, I’m using the latest version of GC and there are no advanced settings…anywhere…
Under the regular “settings” there is no option for advanced settings and none of the fields address my problem.
Under “actions” there is an “advanced tab” however it only has 7 options and they mostly about resetting and calibration.

What am I missing here?!?!!?

nvm…I found it by accident!


Found what? Might help others.

If you are looking for the advanced settings you go into settings and then click the settings header again to actually open the other options. It’s a hidden menu and not intuitive to find at all.

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Maybe its more intuitive then you thought. You did find it on accident right? so maybe it knew you were looking for it, and it found you first! that’s pretty darn intuitive if you ask me.

Such are the wonders to be expected when riding these majestic unicorn steads we call Maslow.
Glad you found it, enjoy the ride.

I agree that it is not intuitive to find. It’s a built in feature in Kivy so we have limited ability to change how that function works, but if you have a suggestion for how to make it more intuitive I’ll give it a try

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